You do not have to play tennis to get tennis elbow!

What is tennis elbow?
The traditional description is of an inflammatory disease if one of the muscles that pull the wrist back (extensor carpi radialis brevis). This muscle arises from the bony prominence on the side of the elbow. At this point it can become inflamed. There is some evidence to suggest that more than just one muscle may be affected.

What treatment is available?
In the first instance treatment may consist of rest and non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. A tennis elbow clasp may reduce the strain on the elbow. If this fails to help physiotherapy can be beneficial.

If these treatments do not work, one can consider a steroid injection into the elbow.

Are there any risks in injection?
There are small risks of infection, temporary increase in pain and thinning of the overlying skin. The injection may help temporarily only.

Is surgery available?
Surgery can be performed to release the muscle from the bone, excising the diseased area. Unfortunately this is not guaranteed to help, and probably requires up to one year to allow the operation to give full benefit.