If, following a consultation at The Manchester Hand Clinic you decide to undergo surgery any necessary anaesthetic will be given by a fully accredited consultant anaesthetist. In some instances where minor surgery is being performed under local anaesthesia, your surgeon may administer the local anaesthetic.

Modern anaesthetics can be given in a number of different ways, depending on the type of surgery and your fitness. The final decision will rest with the anaesthetist. He or she may discuss:

  • Local anaesthesia, where the anaesthetic is injected at the site of the wound.

  • Regional anaesthesia, where the anaesthetic is injected some way from the wound (perhaps in the armpit), and the whole of the area beyond this is numbed. The anaesthetist may also give you some sedation, which will make you drowsy without actually bringing about unconsciousness.

  • General anaesthesia where you will go off to sleep completely. The anaesthetist or surgeon may also give one of the above local anaesthetics to help with pain relief after surgery.